Tears™ Collection 1: Caterpillar (Prologue) Notes

Tears™ Collection 1: Caterpillar (Prologue) Notes

Tears is a Product of Blood and Sweat

Tears is a metaphor for art as a result of hard work and dedication. *Baby vomit* Think "MAXIMUM EFFORT" and "PLUS ULTRA" (if you know you know). Tears in a literal sense is the output of emotional input.

Caterpillar Prologue Creative Process

Although the creation of Caterpillar by Tears is a biased representation of what Tears symbolizes, we gotta start somewhere, sometimes with a prologue before we even officially begin.

Throughout my life, I feel like I am constantly transitioning through one of three stages: caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly. Some days, I feel like I am a hungry caterpillar, ready to take on all challenges and begin new chapters. Sometimes, I feel like I need to shell off from the world and work like there is no tomorrow. Seldomly, do I feel like I am justifiable in spreading my wings to show off and take flight.

The prologue for Caterpillar is comprised of four T-shirts. Full transparency, they are Hanes Beefy Tees with a direct-to-film (DTF) decoration and custom clothing label. These four shirts, as well as the rest of the collection, are autobiographic. Every piece is a reflection of myself.

Each garment is made-to-order to help reduce over-consumption.

How I Created Tears

If you don't already know, I created Tears™ because it is the result of intense emotions. In life, we often face trials and tribulations that call upon the absence of emotion to yield success. Art is one of the few aspects of life that allows you to be as emotional as you want. Tears™ captures the emotions that make life meaningful.

Tears™ is a product of Blood and Sweat.

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